About us

Flameret Inc. has developed fire retardant products to suit a wide range of applications. These are marketed under the brand names; Flamex, Ultra Flamex and Impex.

Flameret's numerous flame retardant products are applicable for the manufacturing of an array of textile applications; including mattresses, bedding, furniture, and clothing. The Company has designed fire resistant textiles fire barriers to meet and exceed US standards and other world market standards. Our complete fire retardant product lines will compete favourably with other competitors, because Flameret's fire retardants are highly effective and non-toxic.

Flameret fire retardant and fire resistant applications will be sold to separate industries. These industries include the fire resistant textiles industry, the military and the energy extraction industry [oil fields], the aviation industry and forestry services. The Company will manufacture and sell Flameret fire retardant products for the treatment of textiles lines at production stage for various textile products. In the near future Flameret will also offer a complete line of fire extinguishing products.